Your Bright Future is Our Mission


The goal of this site is to provide WIN supports, and natural community supports with the tools they need to become the best supports they can be for the people we serve. Moreover, the goal is to provide the information and content that WIN employees need to learn, grow and develop as individual humans. WIN believes in life long learning, thinking outside the box, being innovative and creative. Personal and professional development are truly one and the same. WIN believes that happy, confident employees are at the core of who we are as an organization. WIN, like you, is a work in progress. Always learning and evolving.

Best In Industry

WIN strives to employ industry best practices in our work. Creating Excellence Together (CET) standards are our minimum expectation. We love innovation, adore creativity and aspire to learn and grow as we change the world.

Yes, we have big dreams! Do you?

About Us

WIN is a non-profit agency that provides personalized support services for people with disabilities. This site is dedicated to the onboarding and ongoing training of our staff. We are committed to providing the information that our staff need and want. 

We know that when you are hired at WIN, the learning curve can be steep. There are so many details. This hub will house all your orientation information, so you always have somewhere to go to refresh your memory. Mandatory training information and manuals will be offered. The site will grow as content and time allow. 

Mandatory Training

When you are hired at WIN, you will receive intensive on the job training within your probationary period. This initial 3 months is a time for us to get to know each other and determine our compatibility. You may receive some mandatory training in your first 3 months, but the focus is on providing you an overview so you can perform your duties, and set some goals for your future.  We want a happy productive workforce, and we know that we are not for everyone! If we are a good fit, your mandatory training will begin. Now you will learn some of the theory behind the on the job training you’ve been provided and dig a little deeper to build your skill set. Welcome to WIN! We hope you love it here!

What are Your Aspirations

Do you have a desire to lead? To teach? To follow? To learn? To create? To build? Whatever your dreams are, you have to start where you are. Maybe you don’t know what you want to “do”, or where your strengths lie. Perhaps you are in discovery mode. We hope that you stay in discovery mode and are never done learning more about yourself and our world. When you join the WIN family, you are encouraged to reach for your goals. If your aspirations take you away from WIN, we want you to love what you do while you are with us. We want what you do at WIN to bring you closer to where you want to be. Your time with us is never wasted. 

Why Choose Us?

Our work is unique.  It is meaningful, necessary, fulfilling, and so much more. No two days are the same! It requires a unique set of skills, but the most important aspect for us is attitude. We can teach you everything you need to know to be a good staff. We can teach you our values, and expect you to uphold them, but we can’t teach you heart. That is within you.  We want to attract staff that live our values. That do the right things, that are not necessarily the easy things.  We work with people. That is complex. It isn’t easy! Easy isn’t always fulfilling though is it? Our work is a consistent balancing act. Sometimes it’s really difficult, other times it’s easy and fun. Rarely is it boring. 

Working at WIN has some tangible perks that are also unique! For example, WIN makes contributions to full and part time employees group RRSP regardless of whether the employee contributes or not.  That’s just one perk! Check out these benefits:

  • Super Stats 
  • Float Days 
  • Vacation bonus days
  • RRSP Contributions 
  • Generous Vacation Accruals
  • In house training – you get paid to participate in personal and professional development

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We look forward to meeting you!